Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seasonal tension

It's that time of year again -- busy days, busy weeks, busy months, lots to do and the clock always ticking.  The body doesn't like all that stress, so it begins sending out signals to slow down -- which just seems to add to the tension.  We think, "I can't deal with that right now" and so we put things on the back burner, but they have a way of simmering that seems to interfere with our efforts to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish...

At least, I THINK that's where this image comes from; it's certainly how I've been feeling these last few days...

So what do we do when those seasonal pressures put a few cracks in the competence facade? 

Take a deep breath.

Go for a walk.

Stop and have a cup of tea.

Look at your list and see if there's something you could just cross off this year.

Take another deep breath.




1 comment:

Louise Gallagher said...

Oh yes.

Cross off the list.


Tear up the list.