Monday, November 7, 2011

The range of light

There is a quality of light that seems capable of making everything appealing -- even the peeling paint on this little seaside cottage.

What I don't really know for sure is if this is so appealing to me because light doesn't tend to be this strong where I'm living; it's usually filtered -- especially this time of year -- through the clouds.

But then that same filtering is what makes it so easy for me to shoot pictures I like here, whereas when I go back east my camera can't seem to take in the range of highs and lows.

Maybe it's just that my camera is no fonder of drama than I am; perhaps we both prefer a somewhat narrower range of light to dark.  Certainly it's true that if we cut ourselves off from our darker feelings we also limit our ability to sense the brighter emotions...


Unknown said...

I love your neighborhood! Such a great photo.

Louise Gallagher said...

it is a great photo -- and great food for thought too!