Sunday, August 28, 2011

A departure from routine

When I awoke this morning, the fog was so thick I couldn't see my neighbor's house, so I grabbed some clothes and rushed through my coffee, eager to hit the road with my camera.

These foggy days -- the really good ones -- only happen two or three times a year, and since everything on the island becomes beautiful in fog, I always see it as an opportunity to pick up and go.

I occasionally have second thoughts -- should I really skip my meditation practice? -- but the pleasure and serenity of being out with my camera (I reassure myself) is just another way of getting in touch with the peace that lies at the root of life.

And now that I'm back and looking through the results of the morning, it seems clear the work will be blessing these pages for a while, so - yay!  As I am so fond of saying --

It's all good!


Maureen said...

I'll look forward to seeing the images. There's wonder in what fog reveals.

kerrdelune said...

I LOVE mornings like this one - late summer fogs are luminous occurrences.