Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rumi on Vocation

Love for Certain Work

Traveling is as refreshing for some
as staying at home is for others.

Solitude in a mountain place
fills with companionship for this one,
and weariness for that one.

This person loves being in charge
of the workings of a community.

This other one loves the ways 
heated iron can be shaped with a  hammer.

Each has been given a strong desire
for certain work, a love for those motions,
and all motion is love.

The way sticks and pieces of dead grass and leaves
shift about in the wind
and with the directions of rain and puddle-water
on the ground, those motions
are all following the love
they have been given. 



Joyce Wycoff said...

Lovely. I first read the title "Rumi on Vacation" ... it made me wonder what Rumi would do if he went on vacation. Can't you just see him slathered in sun screen on a bright colored beach towel thinking, "No poetry today!"

Diane Walker said...

What a wonderful picture! You are a stitch, Joyce...