Friday, July 15, 2011

Fierce Courtesy

Today marks our 27th anniversary, so we've decided to wander off for the day, escaping the constant hammering of the men who are re-shingling our house and heading for one of my favorite places.

Though we will be taking the dog with us, we've agreed not to take along our other usual distractions -- books and computers -- and to just spend the time enjoying each other's company.

So I was amused by today's admonitions in A Year with Rumi:

Fierce Courtesy

The connection to the Friend 
is secret and very fragile.

The image of the Friendship 
is in how you love,

the grace and the delicacy,
the subtle talking together
in full prostration, outside of time.

When you are there,
remember the fierce courtesy
of the one with you.


Maureen said...

Happy Anniversary, Diane. Today is also the anniversary of another of my favorite couples; they've been married 27 years, too.

Louise Gallagher said...

Happy Anniversary!

And gotta love Rumi -- his words so often miraculous say exactly what is needed at exactly the right moment!

KimQuiltz said...

Yay! I LOVE this Rumi poem, so much so that I put it together with a photo of starlings perched on my barn roof.

AND you have given me my theme for Tuesday's Outdoors section (my other story fell through at the last minute): Fierce Courtesy; Fierce Beauty.

From the fishing etiquette of steelhead fisherman when they are standing elbow to elbow, to the mighty many-toothed tiger musky, bats, turkey vultures, osprey and the ugly snags and dead trees that make beautiful homes for many of our beloved creatures.

I've been experiencing all this all week long, but didn't have a way to tie it all together so neatly. Thank you!