Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Following the road

Almost immediately after finishing yesterday's post I received a phone call from an old friend on Shaw Island to say that another friend of ours who is coping with liver cancer had been taken to the hospital with pneumonia. So I found myself back on the ferry, and back on country roads, heading for what will always be my community home, to be with someone who might be heading for another sort of home altogether. And then this morning the meditation I'd written for the Gospel of Thomas was about home as well.


Or should I say "Hommmmmmm...."

Or maybe even "Ommmmm..."

The good news is that this was only a temporary setback. She struck me as beautiful: very vital and alive, alert despite the drugs; her color was good, and her eyes were just luminous. But it was good to have made the trip, good to see her again (it's been a while); good to get that reminder that there IS another place where I belong, even after a long absence.

So why this image? It's an attempt to duplicate something I saw in a dream last night, which in turn was based (I suspect) on a piece I saw in a gallery I visited on my way home yesterday. It didn't come out the way I expected it to, and I may work on it some more. But it's made of ferry floor images (and a cormorant from today's Thomas image); I can't seem to stop taking these pictures and playing with them.

I don't know what that's about, and don't have time to speculate at the moment: I've a busy day ahead of me -- a class to take and an exhibit to hang, and all the preparations to make both those things happen. Perhaps this is just to say I'm on a road; maybe I don't quite yet need to know where it's going, so I'm just photographing it as I go, keeping track of progress.



The image is intriguing - I think it's lovely as is but will be curious to see if you continue to work on it.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Diane ... stunning image with incredible colors. I love the "meaning just out of reach" feel of it.

Wish I could be there for your art show opening ... I hope it is joyful.