Friday, February 12, 2010

Blessings in unity

A friend of mine joined us for dinner last night after an afternoon spent making music together. I showed her the struggles I'd been having with yesterday's Thomas post, and she said it still wasn't right; that it ended on an odd note, stepping back into the past.

So this morning I was resolved to find another way to express that tricky notion which so many others have -- I think -- misinterpreted over the years; the notion of the narrow gate that only a few will enter. Because it's not "a few" that will enter; it's a single -- a oneness.

The solution for the problem was handed to me in my reading this morning, in which I was reminded of John Donne's famous quote: "No man is an island."

That's it, I thought: it's understanding that everything is connected that's really the key. Get in touch with that sense of connectedness, and that awareness becomes an awareness of the Divine.

And so I rewrote and redesigned the meditation yet again. And for this blog, today, I resurrected this wonderful shot, taken many years ago on the Oregon coast. Because I suspect that our country, too, will continue to remain troubled until we, too, can come to see that despite our many divisions -- some of them quite deep -- we are one, one rock, one earth, one country, one world beneath it all. Only then will we begin to experience true blessedness.

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Maureen said...

I left a note earlier this morning on Diamonds in the Sky that relates to connectedness. A bit of synchronicity (maybe).

When I read your version 2 yesterday, I liked that it seemed more positive, that it was at least open to the possibility of getting through the gate, frayed connections and loose ends and all. Now I'll go read version 3.