Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Flash in Time...

So here I am, cavorting around Sunny Florida (NOT: we were awakened by thunderstorms this morning and its been pouring cats and dogs most of the day), mostly making trips back and forth to the airport to pick up late arriving family members while my dear friend Robin slaves away in the chilly midwest attempting to overcome the Flash-related challenges of the exhibit we are trying to mount online.


Even though this is what our hotel phones look like, there IS Wi-Fi here, but since I did NOT get to meditate today and have been on the run since I crawled out of bed at 8 this morning (you do realize that's 5AM west coast time) and the TV is going in our hotel room, I cannot even begin to promise a thoughtful and introspective blog, or any words of wisdom.

I am therefore dedicating today's blog entry to Robin, in support of her Herculean efforts and in enormous gratitude to her because she listened to my whining last night when my daughter threatened not to get on a plane because of the imminent thunderstorms. In the midst of her Flash struggles Robin took the time to send prayers and encouragement our way, and I am very grateful. It amazes me, these friends of mine in the blogosphere; women I have never met -- Robin, Maureen, Kim, and Joyce, who I only knew for two days -- who always seem to know exactly what I need to hear... I have been very blessed in my family and friends.


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Maureen said...

Here's why women like you, like us, are "WoW" [Women of Wonder], to used the acronym of my blog friend Louise in Canada:

"God has / a special interest in women / for they can lift the world to their breast / and help Him / comfort."
("And Help Him Comfort", in "Love Poems from God" by Daniel Ladinsky)

Never heard that said about a m-n.

Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving.

Giving thanks for you, too.