Friday, October 2, 2009

Too many voices clamoring...

This was the view that greeted me this morning when I took the dog out for his walk. I ran for my camera, got some lovely shots, and was looking forward to a beautiful day. But 10 minutes later it was raining cats and dogs, and now the sun is gone and the sky is gray with clouds: how quickly things can change!

You may have noticed yesterday's post was a bit flippant, devoid of much in the way of spiritual content. It was that way, I confess, because I had a gnarly problem on my mind and couldn't really think of anything else; still can't, in fact.

And it's one of those problems that surprises you, the kind that changes everything in a sudden flash, like this morning's rain. But perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised by either the problem or the rain -- there were, after all, some clouds on the horizon; I could have imagined some darkness might be coming my way. But I guess, like most of us, I was hoping for the best -- even assuming the best.

At any rate, here I am, stewing over stuff, and it's no wonder I couldn't write yesterday. There are all these voices in my head, all arguing about the best way to handle the situation. Fortunately I've been planning to work on a SoulCollage this week, so I had already begun to name all those voices; what Seena Frost, the author of SoulCollage, calls your Committee. And now I see that the Committee has a lot in common with all those voices we learned about when we watched Big Mind.

So, since I'm spending my day listening to them individually and sorting them out, here, again, for your amusement, are the voices from Big Mind and the additional ones I've met through SoulCollage. Do any of them live in your head, too?

Wise One
Impulsive One
Fairness Monitor
Lazy One
Greedy One
Lonely Child
Ashamed/Guilty One

Big Mind:
Damaged Self
Vulnerable Child
Seeking Mind
The Mind that Seeks the Way
The Follower of the Way
The Way
Big Mind
Big Heart
Integrated Free Functioning You

Jeepers! No wonder it's so noisy in there I can't think!

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