Saturday, August 29, 2009


My daughter and I love to shop at Value Village, a northwest variant on Goodwill, and one time when we went there was a box full of styrofoam heads, so we bought some, not knowing what we might do with them.

Today I decided to tackle one in an attempt to create a 3-Dimensional soul friend. She's not done yet; hair and hat were just thrown on when the rest of her finally dried; I suspect there will be other add-ons at some point but for now she's just a head, and I didn't want her to be bald.

But she looks sort of tired, which is exactly how I feel: I awakened too early and it's been a very full day. I got word I'm supposed to mount an exhibit at a friend's bakery for September and I'm off to Vermont in two days so I had to run around rounding up framed images for the exhibit and arranging to have it hung in my absence, plus I'm packing, but I had already started this lady so I had to finish her so the dining room table would be clear when my daughter comes home tomorrow. Whew! Did you hear me rushing through that sentence?

I took the dog in to be groomed this morning and I think he got soap in his eyes; he's been squinting and rubbing them all afternoon, so I'm worried about him. There's a prescription my daughter needs that we ordered from Medco 2 weeks ago, but it hasn't shown up yet, and my other daughter is completing some very important tests this weekend for college. So it should come as no surprise that my shoulders are really tense, which is sapping my energy.


Too much to do, too little time... Sorry to be so cranky!

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