Sunday, August 30, 2009

Body and Soul

Even as I was writing yesterday's blog I was thinking there was a lot of disproportionate whining going on. Yes, there were some challenges, but not really anything out of the ordinary. So why was I so stressed?

Turns out I was sick -- food poisoning, I think; a mild case, and much better this morning. The good news is... well, you remember that line from The Devil Wears Prada -- "I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight"? Yup, it works: the last few pounds I was trying to lose just FLEW off last night!

But the best thing was that when I woke up this morning (and, yes, I slept in and missed church) I could see absolutely nothing from the bathroom window: we are totally fogged in. And every cell in my body began to dance: I had forgotten that there are good things about the change of the seasons, that I love fog (and love photographing in fog).

And with those thoughts came acceptance, I think, of all the transitions that have been worrying me this week. The tension in my shoulders was gone, my stomach felt SO much better, and I just felt back in the arms of the divine again; calmness was stealing over me.

But today's soul friend has a sort of mildly irritating combination of serenity and challenge to her, as if she is saying, yes, she knows how to do mellow, but we don't get to coast here: it's time to "man up," to get to working on the business of life -- whatever that may be.

And given what awaits me today I'm very relieved to have discovered that yesterday's disproportionate discomfort was body-related, not soul-related; sometimes those things can get confusing (they are, of course, inhabiting the same being, so it's not surprising that they interact and affect one another). Although maybe what happened was my body got impatient with all the toxins my soul was dragging in and just decided to expel them?

At any rate, it's a new day. A new set of challenges will face us, and we will not be facing them alone. So bring it on!

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pammy said...

Why can't the business of life be mellow? You know, I have found that when I learned to surrender to just what is I was able to let go of all the shoulds, coulds, and whatevers. It has taken me many years to learn to just be and be content with that. It can be a amazing freeing experience. I say, let it all go. We are adult and responsible enough to know when we do have to "man up," but that is only when life brings us harsh, suffering challenges. In the meantime, enjoy. Pam