Friday, June 26, 2009

Got the blues? Time to choose... what?

Like many adults of my generation, I have wandered onto Facebook at the invitation of my children. And, like many others who have wandered onto Facebook, I have found it an opportunity to reconnect with some very special people from my path.

One of those people, a dear friend from over 25 years ago, has been catching me up on his life story, and this morning we were discussing the obstacles that have fallen into his path this week.

I made some passing comment about blessing the obstacles, and he responded by telling me that there were also doors opening for him that he hadn't anticipated, and then concluded with this pithy statement about the choices that he'd be needing to make: "Life is short, we need to do what we love and what nourishes our faith, hope, and love."

I'm not sure I have anything to add to that today -- that's pretty much how we need to assess all those decisions life throws at us -- so I think I'll just stop here.

Thank you, David!


altar ego said...

I am reminded of the "Life is Good" catch-phrase: Do what you love, Love what you do." I've been thinking a lot about this in this present stretch of my life. There is discontent in not doing enough of what I love, and I want to love more some of the things that I am presently doing (working on that with you-know-who, above). Can I look you up on facebook? It really is a fun way to reconnect with people, and I love how you described them as people "on your path."

Jan said...

Thanks for this.