Saturday, May 30, 2009

Circles of Awareness

This morning I was reading in Cynthia Bourgeault's book on Centering Prayer about the circles of awareness.

At the outer level -- the sky in this picture, or perhaps the circumference of the glass, where world and body intersect -- is ordinary awareness. Cynthia describes this as the Martha in us, the part that is busy interacting with the world.

Spiritual awareness lies deeper within, the blue-green parts of the glass; the Mary in us, that sits at the feet of Jesus. And at the center lies the eternal flame of Divine Awareness -- the Source that is both the source of light above and the source of light within us.

I have to run, but I did want to share that with you this morning...


Anonymous said...

*Tucking my copy of Centering Prayer into my tote bag*

I'm off to take my mother and daddy to their cruise ship. They are leaving for a week long cruise to Alaska. Have you thought of cruising? Plenty of opportunities to use your camera on an Alaskan cruise. They scored a sea-side room for only $800 each with the Princess cruise line.

Please pray for me, I'm worried I may get lost in the big city. ;o) said...

So? How did your excursion go?

I did the Alaska ferry with my girls back in... was it '98? Loved it -- and shot 17 rolls of film in 6 days!

He's up for the ferry, but he's vetoed cruises -- our last was just too...consumer-oriented; too much about shopping and all that showy stuff -- casinos, etc. Not my style, or his. Maybe it was just the cruise line ...