Saturday, March 2, 2024

Longing to bloom

These days, these cold and wintry days, 
Our sunshine comes, not from the sky, 
But flowers: golden daffodils, 
Who somehow understand it’s time to bloom, 
And lift their lacy heads despite the cold; 
Even the snow cannot restrain 
Their bright exuberance. 
Something within me also longs to bloom, 
But seems content to wait a little longer. 
Perhaps it is a Rhodie, or a rose; 
I pray it won’t decide 
 To wait, like a chrysanthemum, 
 For spring and summer days to fade, 
Until the Fall…

1 comment:

Luis Serrano said...

Aquella flor que nos recuerda el mito de Narciso mirándose en el agua. Magnificas flores. Buena foto