Thursday, June 30, 2022

The challenge of volunteering

Nature has a way of tossing 
Beauty into unexpected places: 
My neighbor used to call these surprising gifts 
Volunteers. And — ideally — 
Isn’t that what volunteering’s like? 
So often an attempt to bring some light 
And/or beauty to dark places? 
How sad it is, when the light we bring 
Never seems to be enough, 
 Or gets extinguished, 
Or when others only add to the darkness…

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lefty unattended

Though overgrown with weeds, 
Our lavender garden’s lush 
With the purple scent of promise:
 As with people, institutions, and opinions 
That we cherish, we look past, forget, ignore 
The imperfections, only seeing 
What we expect or have grown accustomed to, 
Forgetting all things grow and change — 
Both bad and good —
 And may get wild or unruly left unattended…

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Let spirits rise

The winds of change are blowing through, 
And all the opinions, guidelines, and the rules 
We thought we had nailed down 
May be whisked away, leaving us bereft 
Of all but spirit: that which fuels 
Rebirth, rebuilding, and renewal, 
Always turning winter into spring. 
Trust, don’t cling, and watch the spirit dance 
As it’s lifted to new heights.

Monday, June 27, 2022

The joy of reconnecting

And the return of simple pleasures, 
Like splashing in the water, with friends. 
Even masked, and six careful feet apart, 
We welcome opportunities to reconnect, 
Both with nature and each other.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

On the journey home

In the still morning,
 A lone sailboat returns home to the harbor, 
Back from adventures unknown, 
Watched over by the mountain as it passes. 
We, too, are on a journey home, 
Watched over as we pass 
Through waters sometimes still 
And sometimes rough; 
 The Watcher sometimes clear; 
Sometimes fogged in or clouded 
But always present as a marker 
To help us stay the course.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Seeking equanimity

This was the state of my dreams last night 
As my mind struggles to cope 
With the swirling surge of responses: 
The fury, the helplessness and frustration, 
The sadness, the grief, and the driving desire 
To help all those affected. 
I’m grateful to be living in a protected state, 
And appalled to discover the depths of my rage 
With all those who celebrate this victory. 
How, after such troubled dreams, 
Am I to find the trust and calm I seek; 
The equanimity, tolerance, and compassion I crave?

Friday, June 24, 2022

Thoughts on generosity

I was never one of those wonderful moms — 
You know: the ones in the ruffled aprons 
Who are always cooking roasts 
 And baking cookies and apple pies — 
But on special occasions I will make 
This amaretto brownie chip pie, 
Most of which I prefer to give away.
 It’s not exactly a selfless act; 
 It’s more to protect my figure — 
Or what’s left of it! 
And isn’t that the truth 
 Of many apparently selfless acts? 
We tend to only give away 
That which we no longer want or need. 
But each of us draws those lines — 
The boundaries between self-sacrifice, 
Self-protection, self-serving, 
And pure selfishness— in different places. 
 Where are yours? And what —
 If we were to become more generous; 
More compassionate — might need to change?