Sunday, October 28, 2012

Appear an easy mark

The less friction you make
as you move through this world,
the more power you will gather and store.

Fire will take an interest in you
and think you are an heir to light.
Lightning will start to ride in your purse.
When could you then feel cold?
What divine food could you not prepare,
or supply for any?

It is better like this sometimes:
Most everyone starts thinking 
you are an easy mark,
while in truth you are just biding your time,
waiting for the optimum moment to strike 
a lethal blow and make a real difference.

 But for that you need forbearance.
What lasting good has ever been rushed?
When you finally speak up or act with passion,
you will help tear down some walls of tyranny.



Mystic Meandering said...

Diane, can you recommend a book by Hafiz? I am touched by some of his poetry that you post on your blog from time to time. Thank you... Christine

Diane Walker said...

Daniel Ladinsky has three wonderful books I can recommend: A Year with Hafiz, The Gift (both are just Hafiz poems), and Love Poems from God, which also includes poetry from Rumi, St. Francis, Meister Eckhart, Rabia, Kabir, Catherine of Siena and more...

Mystic Meandering said...

Thank you Diane - appreciate it. :)