Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tapping into Divine Joy

Like the three volunteer tulips in this field of daffodils, three gifts came to me from Eckhart Tolle this morning.

1.  Stop every once in a while and just notice your breath.  Even just one breath. It's a way to suspend all that thinking, all those voices in your head; gives you a little break, an opportunity to tap into the infinite space within you.

2.  If you struggle with an addiction -- to the internet, to snacking, to TV -- or some of the more dangerous substances and behaviors out there -- when you feel that temptation, stop and breathe. Take a few conscious breaths, and feel the energy inside you that wants whatever substance or behavior troubles/soothes you.  Then take a few more conscious breaths.  You may not feel the urge subside the first time, but with time just awareness may help it pass.

3.  Take time to feel the aliveness within you.  I like to start with my hands, and feel the sort of tingly aliveness in them.  Then see if you can feel it in other parts of your body -- feet, arms, legs, chest, head...  Taking time to do this keeps you present, stops the flow of thoughts and emotions.  And (I find) it also helps you feel more alert, more responsive to what's happening around you, putting you in a sort of spacious, receptive state.

I get the feeling that Tolle believes doing these things regularly would be just as effective as a meditation practice, in terms of helping us be more attuned to the Divine Joy that resides within and around us.

I'd like that.  And even doing it just this morning, in response to the reading, I feel more... alive.

Like the old commercial -- Try it!  You'll like it!

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