Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doing what we love

Years ago, in New Hampshire, I used to teach quilting at the League of NH Craftsmen in Hanover.  So it's not surprising that the first manipulated image I ever created took the form of a quilt (I created this almost 10 years ago).

Today, in a fabric store, I happened to mention that I taught quilting years ago, but hadn't made a quilt in years.  "Why on earth did you stop?" asked the sales woman.

"I guess," I replied, "because I found something to do I loved even more -- photography."

"Oh, well, that's okay," she said, "at least you're still being creative!" That's true, of course, but it's also true that photography is a lot less work -- and not nearly as tiring.  Although perhaps that's always true when you find a way to do what you love...


Louise Gallagher said...

And now it sounds like you've found a way to merge the two... quilting and photography :)

I love the idea of a memory quilt filled with photos. Very very cool!

Maureen said...

An artist I'm planning to interview (after I do some research) makes quilts from old film, typically with a feminist slant. Her work is incredible.

Wonderful image.

I think it is true that when we do what we love, and with passion, we don't think of it as work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
What a wonderful post! Indeed "when you do what you love, work isn't 'work' anymore,because you're 'flowing', as a child at play. I was also enchantened by the Rumi poem on the right. A great poet! For the moment I'm reading "The Forty Rules of Love", by Elif Shafak, a beautiful novel, elaborating on the (historic) bond between Rumi and his beloved friend Shams from Tabriz. I didn't yet know the Rumi poem you highlight on your blog. But it certainly appeals, because I'm a 'womb poet' > in my poetry I try to "open this dark passageway of grace", considering the universe as one Womb, in constant and eternal creation. Just this week I wrote a (video)poem on this ~The Womb~, and reading now Rumi's words here, I couldn't resist on putting it in my post (with a link to your blog ;) I also have an interest in photography, mostly to accompany my poems (or vice versa). So, a lot of coincidences here, but "energy flows where intention goes"!
Wish you a creative 2012,
Kind regards,