Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The bright core of failure

The Bright Core of Failure

Sometimes you enter the heart.
Sometimes you are born from the soul.
Sometimes you weep a song of separation.
It is all the same glory.

You live in beautiful forms,
and you are the energy that breaks form.
All light, neither this nor that.

Human beings go places on foot.
Angels, with wings.

Even if they find nothing but ruins
and failure, you are the bright core of that.

-- from Coleman Barks, A Year With Rumi


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful work. Thank you for sharing it.

Maureen said...

Your poem, Creativity on Demand, speaks well to the #Trust30 online writing challenge I took on and then added to by deciding to respond to each prompt with a poem. Writing 30 poems in 30 days (I'm down to day 29) is the first such project I've done. It's hard!

The Rumi poem, too, is also so apt. Love the concluding couplet.

Patricia Ryan Madson said...

I've been teaching improvisation for over twenty years and your poem better expresses what happens when students put themselves on the line than any writing I've seen. It is masterful. I've recently been turned on to a book that likely you already know: God is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art. Whenever I return to your site it is like an oasis of inspiration. Thank you, Diane.

Louise Gallagher said...

Rumi. Your photograph. Here in an 'oasis of inspiration'.


Joyce Wycoff said...

Creativity on Demand ... what a powerful capture of the process. Beautiful.