Thursday, January 6, 2011

Healing the heart with music

Yesterday I spent some time meditating with two dear friends, and there was some sacred music playing in the background, something one of them had brought back from India. Though I don't normally meditate to music, I found it so soothing that I elected to put music on this morning while I did centering prayer.  And now I'm thinking I need to do more of that.

Music has such a gift for touching our hearts -- and awakening our memories.  It's so much a part of our lives that we take it for granted, I think, and forget the gifts it carries; the healing it can bring.

I'm in a better space today -- thanks to friends and music -- and so I just want to express my gratitude for that and invite you -- if you're feeling a little low -- to listen to something soft and gentle -- something peaceful -- and allow it to place a gentle hand on your chest and breathe some much needed love into your heart.

Here's a  sample of what I was listening to this morning; enjoy!


Maureen said...

Thank you for the lovely sample. I'm playing it now as I write.


Louise Gallagher said...

In the meditation group I sit with every week, music is elemental to our process. We are encouraged to be like a tree, the music blowing through our branches like wind through leaves.

And it is beautiful.