Sunday, November 29, 2009

Below the surface

Though on the surface Florida seems to have a lot of glitz and glamor, this sense of waste and ruin seems to lie not far beneath the surface -- particularly after the state's most recent boom and bust.

But I suspect this picture appealed to me for other reasons this morning as well; that it's not just Florida but the whole country that is finding itself cursed with an unsupportable standard of living.

It's as if we as a society have some insidious form of ADD -- the kind where you're very good at starting up new ideas, but haven't the -- what my mother used to call -- "stick-to-it-iveness" to maintain what we started, to stick it out for the long haul.

And on a personal level, that could be resonating because I couldn't find a way to meditate during my week away from home -- or perhaps I just couldn't summon up the courage to claim that 20 minutes a day as my own. I had hoped that this morning's return to that space would be blessed with the lovely deep sinking I've been missing so, but instead my thoughts were dancing around all the family issues that emerged over the course of the week.

Meditation practice takes maintenance and commitment, just as building a life, a business, a family or a responsible society takes commitment, vigilance, attention. And when we slack off, well... it shows.


Maureen said...

This quote from Miguel de Unamuno seems so apt, I can't resist sharing it with you:

"Sow yourself, cast the inert part of yourself in the furrow. You will recover yourself later in your work."

You always do, you know, "recover yourself" in your work.

I know just what you mean about Florida, where various members of my family have lived over the years. There's always been a "too muchness" about it serving as a kind of cover up for what's missing and can't be found there.

Anonymous said...

Where within Florida is this site located ? It's absolutely stunning !