Friday, October 13, 2017

Sobering questions

My Facebook readership is down -- way down -- and I suspect I understand why. I spend a lot less time there myself these days, and cringe when I'm tempted to open the posts in my news feed; so much of what I see is full of hate.

But I made the mistake of reading my email this morning before I meditated, and one note informed me that our president is meeting with several hate groups in Washington. It pretty much derailed my meditation -- I mean, there were so many different reactions; so much fear. Are we, as a friend tells me, in danger of becoming another Nazi Germany?

And anger: why is it that the mass murders we hear about always seem to kill the innocent -- the children, the music lovers, the dancers, the peaceful demonstrators? Why, for once, couldn't they kill the hate-mongers?

And shame, for thinking that, even for an instant.

And then, wonder: what could I conceivably do to offset all that hate? I've been intensely aware lately, of how generous the universe has been with me. What would I be willing to give up, if it would guarantee the Nazis could never come into power in this country? What would I be willing to set aside, if I thought it would honestly make a difference? And what will I do today to bring more compassion and more love into the world?

Sobering questions. But I think we all need to be asking them. And stepping up to the answers.

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Anonymous said...

In times like these, when so many live fear-driven rather than love-inspired lives, I remember this wise counsel:

Our purpose is not to condemn evil, but to correct it. With condemnation people can get lost, with understanding and assistance they will be saved.
Evil begins from bad thoughts.
When you are bitter and indignant, even just with your thoughts, you spoil a spiritual atmosphere. You prevent the Holy Spirit from acting and allow the devil to increase the evil.
You should always pray, love and forgive, driving out of yourself every evil thought.
~Elder Porphyrios of Kapsokalyva