Sunday, May 14, 2017

All the ways we mother the world

The root word of compassion, I've been told, means "womb" -- compassion is about caring for someone or something as if it were the fruit of your own womb.

 So, to me, Mothers Day is about celebrating all those who show compassion for the world around us. I would honor the doctors who mother us back to health; the chefs who feed us; the people who fight to save the environment and care for the poor; the friends who support us when we're down...  It's not just about giving birth, it's about nurturing and encouraging and making it possible for something or someone outside yourself to grow and thrive.

... And so today I'm posting this picture, which was taken by my husband, of the not one but two bird's nests which have been built in the Christmas wreath we forgot to take down from our front door. It's not all that convenient -- we've blocked off the porch to protect them -- but we're honored they've trusted us with their young; we laughingly refer to them as our grandbabies and look forward to seeing them fly. Just another way of mothering the world...😊

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