Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where you put your focus

I spent about four hours yesterday -- and five the day before -- on the phone with CenturyLink, trying to resolve our internet problem. The one member of the family who would be free to attend my play was too sick to come, but she sent these lovely flowers. And the play, which had limped along in apparently unproductive rehearsals for weeks, finally came alive and was a huge success at its opening last night: folks are coming back today and bringing their friends, and there's talk of making it an annual event.

So where do I put my focus? On my frustrations over a non-functional internet? On my success as a playwright? The ego loves to go to those places; to poor me, and to proud me. I think instead I'll just sit here at the kitchen table, staring at the trees and grass and sky that are my stalwart companions, and breathe in the divine scent of the flowers. Life will always have its ups and downs; best to just appreciate the moment.

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