Friday, March 11, 2016

Lessons in the cabbage patch

When I was cranky, as a kid, my mom would say I was being "a cabbage patch," clearly a saying leftover from her own mother's days growing up on a poor farm in Virginia.

And then, when my own daughters were growing up, they had those dreadful Cabbage Patch dolls, with their flat faces and their plaintive cries ("Ooh - wanh - anh, Ooh - wanh - anh, Ooh - wanh - anh -OOO). 

So it was a surprise to discover as an adult how beautiful a cabbage patch can actually be.  Makes me think of all the times my preconceived negative notions were shot to hell when I took the time to become familiar with the thing (or activity, or person, or category of people) I was so certain I would hate.

Could be there's a lesson in that somewhere...

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