Thursday, January 1, 2015

There is peace

"Look at the sea...It was there long before we were thought of.  It will be there long after we are forgotten, ebbing and flowing according to the law of the tides."

"Our little affairs are insignificant?"

"Far from it.  Pain is not insignificant. Neither is bewilderment or fear. Or conditions like poverty or homelessness. But somewhere -- somewhere -- there is peace.  It is not even far off.  It is somewhere deep inside us, in fact, ever present, just waiting for us to look inward to find it."

"Is that how you learned to master your pain?"

"It was, at last, the only way of doing it... Whatever you discover here, the knowing cannot bring you any real harm even if it feels painful, for these things are whether you know them or not.  And perhaps the knowing will bring you some understanding, and even perhaps some peace."

-- Mary Balogh, Escape

(Not all romance novels are trashy!)

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