Friday, October 10, 2014

Franciscan coincidences

There's a line in my play where the inspector says "Coincidences make me very suspicious,"and I suspect all of us feel at least a little bit that way. So when several things happen over the course of a short period of time, and there seems to be a curious connection, I get suspicious, too.

It all began when a dear friend sent me this video, The Path of the Horse -- which considers, among other things, the importance of our connection with animals. It makes sense to me -- as I mentioned yesterday, I'm feeling very connected to my cat these days. But then I had that interaction with the hummingbird. And then a conversation with our dog, which ended up in a visit to the vet (which was a good thing, it turns out.)

And then another friend posted a brief story about how she and her dog had developed a pre-dinner ritual that felt almost like communion, and then another friend told me about a movie she had watched, in which orca whales escorted a ferry that was bringing native american artifacts back to a nearby museum. And someone commenting on my blog mentioned a bee that had been visiting with his wife...

So when the book I was reading this morning, the same one I've been reading for days now, mentioned St. Francis, I couldn't help but wonder: it's kind of amazing that we have this incredible new pope. I mean, I'm not even Catholic but I love him. And I remember how incredibly powerful the energy was when I was standing in St. Francis' tomb in Assisi.

What if this new age we're supposedly moving into is being ushered in by St. Francis?

I know. Crazy.

But so many coincidences in 24 hours... you have to wonder!

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