Thursday, July 3, 2014

On art and science

Science, it seems to me, is about seeking the commonality of things, and -- especially these days, with quantum physics -- the unity at the root of diversity.  Art, on the other hand, seems more about expressing singularity and uniqueness: the artist discovers her own unique individual gestures, telling her own unique story through her work.

Given that, you'd think scientists would be more spiritual than artists, more in tune with universal connectedness. But I have a sense that the reverse is true; that artists have a greater awareness of divine presence.  Perhaps it's because artists know first hand how little control they have over their work, while science is all about control?  Or perhaps it's because artists are forced to understand their limitations, and come to trust over time that their best work is not so much their own but done through them; that they are vehicles for some larger communication that flows through them...

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