Thursday, March 20, 2014

Building vocabulary

I just finished this painting yesterday, and though I like it a lot, I can't take full credit for its composition: it's inspired by a painting from artist Anne-laure Djaballah. So some part of me is anxious about displaying it here, because elements of her design are recognizable, but another part of me is thrilled, because I learned so much in the painting of it -- not just the how-to sort of learning, but also about what pleases me, and about new ways to achieve balance in a painting.  And with each new learning it feels like I'm closer to developing a more distinctive personal style.

It's a bit like building a vocabulary: the more words I have, the more effectively I can express myself. And I can relax in the sure knowledge that, in the end, the way I combine them, the sentences I create, will always be uniquely mine.


Monte Stevens said...

Nothing wrong with people seeing, or not, another artist in your work. Some will see your style in another s work.

Peregrino said...

Yes the elements of design are recognizable but what I find striking about the painting is the use of color and that small splotch of yellow that brings the eye to rest.

Diane Walker said...

Thank you both for your reassurances!