Saturday, November 17, 2012

For Cynthia, grieving

You know --
or think you do --
the life, the face
as familiar as your own
watching you,
it's suddenly struck down,
leaving the rivers
which you once rowed to joy
now lethal with memory.
And then you come to know
that other world,
the following darkness:
the way the larks of grief
fly up into your face
each time you walk

the once familiar fields;
the way the grass,
once soft enough to roll in
now has edges sharp enough to scar
the feet that can hardly bear
to take another step;
each fallen leaf, once golden, now a grave;
the hands that, reaching out
to help, become instead a reminding slap:
Gone (Can I help you?)
Gone (Do you need me?)
Gone (You're always in my prayers...)

I'm going to a memorial service today -- a friend's husband, hit by a car -- and so this grief is on my mind.  Which means when another friend's father posted this song on Facebook this morning, it brought tears to my eyes, and so I share it here...

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