Monday, July 30, 2012

Thomas Merton on War

"Violence rests on the assumption that the enemy and I are entirely different: the enemy is evil and I am good. The enemy must be destroyed but I must be saved.

But love sees things differently. It sees that even the enemy suffers from the same sorrows and limitations that I do. That we both have the same hopes, the same needs, the same aspiration for peaceful and harmonious human life. And that death is the same for both of us. 

Then love may perhaps show me that my brother is not really my enemy and that war is both his enemy and mine. War is our enemy. Then peace becomes possible."

— Thomas Merton in No Man Is an Island quoted in Thomas Merton: Essential Writings selected by Christine M. Bochen (Courtesy of Spirituality and Practice)

So.  What battles are you fighting today?
Who is your enemy today?
Can you find it in your heart to love instead?


Joyce Wycoff said...

How beautiful this is ... may these words find new hearts to dwell within.

Br Jack+, LC said...

Truly inspiring. I hope that more of us take those words to heart.