Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A lesson in love

This handsome boy is Alex.  His fur is ridiculously thick and soft, and he is (we are fond of saying) a dog in a cat suit.  He goes for walks with us when we walk the dog, he comes when he is called, he loves to play with the tennis ball, and he adores me; in fact, he adores most everybody.

Alex will wrap his arms around the neck of a complete stranger and lick their cheeks and hands until they cry for mercy: he's just one amazing bundle of unconditional love.  I've had cats all my life, too many to count, but I was never really a cat person until I met Alex -- the best, most intelligent and affectionate cat it's ever been my privilege to know.

... But in a late night run to the emergency vet last night -- our only choice after multiple attacks of wheezing -- he was diagnosed with heart disease.

Bad prognosis.  Many tears.

Fortunately, 2 x-rays, a night of oxygen, and $800 later we are thrilled to learn it was just an asthma attack, probably brought on by a change in cat litter.  (They stopped carrying our old stuff, so we had switched.)  But what a lesson, to go through that.  Now I get another chance to give some of that love back.  I plan to make time to do more of that.


karen gerstenberger said...

Oh, I'm so grateful to hear it was something simple, and not deadly! He is a handsome dude. Your description of him reminds me of Latte. Hug & kiss him for me, please!

Maureen said...

Oh, so glad Alex is going to be ok. Amazing what products can do to our animals. We've had to go to special diets for our boys because the grocery-store food messes with allergies.

Caris said...

Thank goodness that trip to the vet had a happy ending. I have an 18 year old cat who is going to have to go through a big transition in a couple of weeks, traveling with me in my motorhome for several months. I hope she'll be ok.

Alex sounds like a purrfectly wonderful cat! Have you read May Sarton's Fur Person?

Diane Walker said...

Hugs and kisses on their way -- and both our cats are on special diets, too.

... and yes, I did read Fur Person, but it was a VERY long time ago. I adore May Sarton...

Louise Gallagher said...

Oh my Diane. I am so grateful to read Alex is going to be okay.

Wow == he sounds as special as our Marley, The Great One.