Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The face in my dreams

Yesterday morning I created the UGLIEST goddess -- she even had cellulite. I named her imperfection, loaded her into yesterday's blog, and then just had to pull her off. Too ugly.

Thinking about it later, I decided maybe my goddess period had come to an end (how many times have you heard THIS before?). I mean, now that the weather is warm, there are so many beautiful REAL things to shoot, maybe I don't need to entertain myself by making things up anymore.

So later in the day I sat down to play, and came up with something sort of nebulous -- and clearly NOT a Goddess -- that I liked, and I was planning to leave it at that but then my daughter came in, and in showing her some of my Photoshop tricks my nebulous thing turned in to this.

Maybe you can't see it, but KC and I immediately saw a face with wonderful flowing hair; sort of Native American in character. I love it! My first goddess FACE. (And who knows -- it may be my only goddess face). But there is a benevolence to her, and a sense of acceptance which I was really needing to feel yesterday. And so I share her with you -- because, of course, she is feeling benevolent and accepting about you, too.

So if there's something you're feeling embarrassed or ashamed or awkward or guilty about -- just pass it to her. I have a hunch she'll smile a bit, and bless you all the while. Who knows? Maybe she's another incarnation of Gabby...


Maureen said...

Really interesting image. And I do see the face.

Kimberly Mason said...

...and I see a crone. I saw it before I read about it. A beautiful, wise, laughing, warrior crone. Can you be beautiful and a crone at the same time? I think you can. :D

She's amazing! I'd love to have a friend like her...

Louise Gallagher said...

I too saw the crone before I read what you wrote!

Very very cool.

and if I may -- I may just deposit some of my awkwardness to her! so glad she's able to smile through it.