Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I passed this lovely scene on my way back to the Albany airport from Vermont last weekend. The moon had been breathtakingly beautiful all week, and was riding low in the sky to the west as I left the week behind me and began heading home, so it was always before me during that final drive, mysterious and evocative.

What is it about the moon that we find so alluring? Is it just the idea of a light in the darkness? Or is it the quality of that light? Is it the reminder that there is another world somewhere beyond our own petty concerns? Or is it just the sheer beauty of it, the tenderness, the gentleness of those benevolent reflected beams?

Whatever the answer may be, this morning I love it for the peacefulness it brings. Looking at this image, at the pink glow of sunrise and the aqua fluff of the morning fog, brings my soul, still quivering with anxious dreams, to a sense of restful radiance.

And so I rest in the image, which brings me peace. A peace I share with you now.


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Jan said...

Lovely. Thank you.