Thursday, July 23, 2009

Transitions: a farewell and two welcomes

Back home, pulling ourselves together; I wake up in the night disoriented, as if I am still on the train, feeling the slight roll, the vibration of the tracks, hearing the call of the whistle echoing across the prairies.

Shooting through the train windows was a challenge, but, oh, what a beautiful country we live in. This, I think, may be my favorite shot...

And while we were on the road, we received news that a dear friend's son died suddenly of an aneurysm. Teddy had been in that one-room schoolhouse with my daughters all those years ago, and his sweet smile will haunt us all for years to come, leaving a life filled with his presence even as it feels emptied. At the same time, two other friends have become first-time grandmothers, welcoming new smiles into the world...

All these transitions, and still something timeless lives in the lines between and connects us all.

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altar ego said...

Welcome home! Seems that your homecoming falls into the middle of what life is: comings, goings, heartbreaks and celebrations. I'm sad for you, Teddy's family and those who knew him. I'm glad for the grandmothers, though their joy meets a wall that has been erected in our family that causes great pain and interferes with even the reality of being a grandparent. One day perhaps I'll be able to relay more with some better reference!

And I can't believe I missed your birthday! Happy belated, and I'll hope and prayer to be on top of things next year.