Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blessings for the journey

I had planned to blog Friday morning about a long conversation Thursday night with my daughters, but when I tried to load in the photo I had chosen it failed, and then my brother-in-law came into the lobby to talk with me, so I abandoned ship; it just wasn't meant to be.

Today we dropped our younger daughter at the airport at 10 then went for a drive (we didn't need to be at the airport until noon) and ended up visiting the Gilbert Ortega Museum and Gallery in Scottsdale. This sweet madonna was waiting by the door just as we were leaving and blessed us on our trip; the sunset I shot from the plane window just as we were landing. Since most of you who travel at Thanksgiving will be returning home tomorrow, I send this off to bless you on your journey.

Mothering is a journey, too, full of satisfactions and failures, obstacles to overcome and opportunities for faith and bravery. So this is also a blessing for all of us who mother friends, lovers, communities and children as they embark upon their own journeys. May you have beautiful skies and an easy landing, and may all that attentiveness, nurturing, challenging, forgiving, and exhorting you do bring growth and tenderness and love to all.

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