Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rohrshach Blots for the Soul

Yesterday I was off photographing banks again, but this time, though I rose early, the weather refused to cooperate. The sun was out, but so was the fog, so I found myself over an hour away from home waiting for the fog to lift.

It wasn't one of those photogenic fogs, either; just a low hovering of gray and gloom, obscuring the light and dulling colors everywhere -- a perfect day to photograph flowers, actually, so I did a little of that (as you can see).

But the highlight of my morning was the time I spent at Fort Worden photographing the bunkers. I always love these cement monstrosities, though I'm not sure quite why I find them so appealing. But this time I focused solely on the ceilings, which have these really intriguing patterns of cracks and leakage. Something about the blueness of the foggy light threw the patterns into bolder relief than usual, and I came home with a crick in my neck from all those upward shots.

Looking at them now, though it's a bit like lying on your back and seeing pictures in the clouds, I think the images have a very strong mythical/religious quality to them; sort of Rohrshach blots for the soul...

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